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Mulch delivery to Webster & Penfield

Count on Hawkes Landscaping for dependable delivery of top quality mulch. Click here for our order form.

We only deliver mulch of the highest quality. You will never find waste wood, trash, or junk in mulch we deliver to your home. If you need mulch for your garden, home, or office we have you covered with top quality mulch that rivals store-bought mulch!

Why Mulch?

  • Mulching dresses up your property and makes your yard look neater and more attractive= more curb appeal
  • Do you hate weeding? Mulching cuts down on those pesky weeds that like to grow in your gardens
  • Mulch helps the soil maintain its nutrients and moisture, creating healthier soil
  • Mulch discourages pests and encourages earthworms

How much mulch do you need?

Length x Width = Area ( sq ft- square feet)

One Cubic Yard = 27 Cubic Feet (3’x3’x3′) will cover:

  • 300 sq. ft. when spread 1″ deep 150 sq. ft. when spread 2″ deep
  • 100 sq. ft. when spread 3″ deep 50 sq. ft. when spread 6″ deep
  • 30 sq. ft. when spread 9″ deep 25 sq. ft. when spread 12″ deep
  • 3 Inches of coverage is recommended for new applications
  • 6-7 wheel barrows full

Red, Black and Brown landscaping mulch color options available for delivery.

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*Mulch images may look different to actual mulch due to your monitor.

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